Space Flight: The Quick and Easy Way

A design proposal for a scaled-down, piloted three-stage space ship.

From the book "Worlds in Space"
by Martin Caidin
illustration by Fred L. Wolff


The Great Zeiss Projector

The Great Zeiss Projector at Hayden Planetarium
from The Mystery of Other Worlds Revealed, 1952


Can Man Explore the Moon?

"here, a famous artist shows his idea of the equipment needed for moon exploration."
From the Natural Museum of Natural History: a painting by A. Leydenfrost
(The Mystery of Other Worlds Revealed, 1952)


Interplanetary Tour Application

"Realistically produced, with sound effects and accurate star positions,
the planetarium's tour of outer space is both educational and prophetic."

From The Mystery of Other Worlds Revealed, 1952


Travelers of Space

From Travelers of Space
edited by Martin Greenberg
illustrations by Edd Cartier
published by Gnome Press, 1951
400 pages

  1. Foreword, by Martin Greenberg
  2. Introduction, by Willy Ley
  3. "The Rocketeers Have Shaggy Ears", by Keith Bennett
  4. "Christmas Tree", by Christopher S. Youd
  5. "The Forgiveness of Tenchu Taen", by Frederic Arnold Kummer
  6. "Episode on Dhee Minor", by Harry Walton
  7. "The Shape of Things", by Ray Bradbury
  8. "Columbus Was a Dope", by Lyle Monroe (pseudonym for Robert A. Heinlein)
  9. "Attitude", by Hal Clement
  10. "The Ionian Cycle", by William Tenn
  11. "Trouble on Tantalus", by P. Schuyler Miller
  12. "Placet Is a Crazy Place", by Fredric Brown
  13. "Action on Azura", by Robertson Osborne
  14. "The Rull", by A. E. van Vogt
  15. "The Double Dyed Villains", by Poul Anderson
  16. "Bureau of Slick Tricks", by H. B. Fyfe
  17. "Life on Other Worlds", by Edd Cartier
  18. "The Interstellar Zoo", by David A. Kyle
  19. Science Fiction Dictionary

An anthology collection of science fiction short stories on the subject of intelligent life forms from interplanetary to intergalactic.
The stories originally appeared in the pulp magazines Planet Stories, Astounding, Thrilling Wonder Stories and Startling Stories.The high-light of this book are Edd Cartier's colorfully illustrated "Life on Other Worlds" section with an accompanying descriptive story by David Kyle, "The Interstellar Zoo."
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