Individual orientation in space, under zero gravity conditions, will demand superb physical conditioning and control. Completely weightless, the spaceman will lose all reference as to what constitutes an "up" and "down."

illustration by Fred L. Wolff
"Worlds in Space"
by Martin Caidin
published 1954


X-15 Powered Flight

September 17, 1959 -
The first powered flight of the X-15, piloted by
Scott Crossfield.


Special Interplanetary Issue

(The Mystery of Other Worlds Revealed, 1952)


My Flights Towards Space

The X-15 rocket motors firing for the first time in the air, is dropped off towards the unknown. At the controld, Scott Crossfield.

X-15 flights mean great strain on Crossfiled but, as he is sealed in tiny cockpit he shows no sign of worry

X-15 is the forerunner of spaceship. Scott Carpenter's special pressure suit shown here is prototype for spacemen of tomorrow.

from "My Flights Towards Space"
Royal Airforce Flying Review, September 1960

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