Fashionable Moon Hat - 1956

Straight out of "Moon Men from Mars" its the moon bridal hat for the open-minded....
the very open-minded.


X-1 and Crew

X-1, Jack Russell, Chuck Yeager & the ground crew stand underneather the mothership loaded and ready to go with the experimental X-1 rocket plane aka Glamorous Glennis.

Jack Russell was also Chuck Yeager's Crew Chief - pictured front and center.

Jack was a technical advisor for the movie "The Right Stuff." He even had a cameo role as the janitor who sawed the broom handle needed to close the hatch after Yeager broke his ribs.

V2 and Little Joe

V2 and Little Joe, originally uploaded by mikegrados.

White Sands Missile Range static display of the twisted remains of a flown V-2 and in the background a rocket configured to test an Apollo capsule configuration, nicnamed "Little Joe."

First View of Earth from Space

The first view of the Earth as seen from space, from a camera mounted on a captured German V-2 rocket, launched October 24, 1946 at White Sands, USA.

Lindberg Moon Ship

Lindberg Moon Ship, originally uploaded by modern_fred.

Lindberg Mars Probe Transport

Lindberg Space Station

Lindberg Space Station, originally uploaded by modern_fred.

Lindberg Rocket Ship

Lindberg Rocket Ship, originally uploaded by modern_fred.

Revell Moon Ship

Revell Moon Ship, originally uploaded by modern_fred.

A scaled back version of the multiple stage XML-1 kit.

Strombecker Disney Launcher

Strombecker Disney Launcher, originally uploaded by modern_fred.


Strombecker Disney Moon Ship

Strombecker Disney Moon Ship, originally uploaded by modern_fred.


Space Ship of 2038

Amazing_Stories_Dec39_BC, originally uploaded by PopKulture.

Concept art for a space ship one hundred years into the future, the year 2039.
From Amazing Stories, December 1938

ORBIT Play A Way Cards

Swell and Spacey

Swell Super, originally uploaded by changoblanco.

Artificial Gravity

artificial gravity, originally uploaded by Jason M. Childs.

Strombecker Disney Spaceship

Strombecker Disney Spaceship, originally uploaded by modern_fred.

Based on Werner von Braun's ferry rocket concept, of course!


Happy Fourth!

Have an out of this world Independance Day!


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