X Minus 1: "How To"

"How To"
Original radio program aired April 3, 1956.

Thanks to Internet Archive for sharing these vintage recordings.


Space Monsters in London

space monsters, originally uploaded by hastingsgraham.

Space Boy in a Bubble Helmet

space boy, originally uploaded by hastingsgraham.

What a lucky lad. He means business as he's out to save the solar system with his official Space Patrol bubble helmet and Super Beam Signal Ray gun. Notice that the wallpaper in his bedroom is space-themed with rockets, planets and stars.

British Space Rocket 1954

1954-space-rocket, originally uploaded by x-ray delta one.

The Boy's Book of Jets
London: Thames Publishing Co.
, 1954

Mars Attacks - The Card Set

Mars Attacks- card set, originally uploaded by x-ray delta one.

No words needed to explain this classic set of bubblegum cards, published in 1962. Just gaze upon its vividly full color glory and enjoy.

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