Secrets of Space Flight

Spaceship on cover is a realistic model of the future, made by the rocket expert G. Harry Stine and photographed on White Sands desert

"Secrets of Space Flight"
Fawcett How-To Book, Number 298
by Lloyd Mallan
published by Fawcett Publications, 1956
144 pages

  1. Ships That Probe the Unknown
  2. Space Medicine Forges Ahead
  3. Men, Mammals and Gravity
  4. Escape Capsules and Rocket Sleds
  5. Developement of the Space Suit
  6. Spaceship in the Basement
  7. Launch Into the Statosphere
  8. Searching Through Space
  9. School for Future Space Pilots
  10. Checkout in a Rocket Ship
  11. Research Rocket Takeoff
  12. Engines of Tomorrow
  13. Giant Step Into Space
  14. From the Mouse to the Moon to Mars
  15. Men who Make Spaceflight Possible
  16. Flying Saucers Brought Up To Date
Profusely illustrated with photos and diagrams (b/w), topics cover rocket developement, test pilots, space medicine and current developments relating to space flight. Some movie stills from "This Island Earth."
Original price $.75

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