A Warning and an Ultimatum

The Day the Earth Stood Still
20th Century Fox
Robert Wise
Year: 1951

Cast: Sam Jaffe, Michael Rennie, Patricia Neal, Hugh Marlowe, Billy Gray, Frances Bavier, Lock Martin, Elmer Davis, H.V. Kaltenborn, Drew Pearson, Gabriel Heatter

A visitor from outer space lands his saucer in Washington, D.C. and announces to the people of Earth that they must live peacefully or faces the consequences as a threat to other planets.

The movie is based on a story by Harry Bates - “Farewell to the Master” which was originally published in the October 1940 issue of Astounding. You can read this in its entirety: Farewell to the Master.

Score: Bernard Hermann utilize the eerie and other-worldly theremin for the first time for the soundtrack of a screen production. You can hear a sample of this music here.

The Day the Earth Stood Still Desktop Wallpaper 1024 x 768

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