"The Mystery of Other Worlds Revealed" (1952)

"The Mystery of Other Worlds Revealed"
Fawcett Book Number 166
Author: Larry Eisinger (editor-in-chief)
Publisher: Fawcett (Sterling Publishing Co.) NY 1952
magazine, 144 pages
original price: $.75

  1. Spaceships are Already Here!, by Harland Manchester
  2. The Physical Problems of Space Travel Are Being Solved, by James L. H. Peck
  3. A Journey to the Moon, by M. W. Wholey, G. I. Mech. E.
  4. From the Moon to Mars, by Willy Ley
  5. Life on Other Worlds, by M. Frederic Sanchez, PH. D.
  6. Communication With Other Worlds, by Willy Ley
  7. The Expanding Universe, by Lloyd Mallan
  8. Space Travel is a Serious Business, by Alfred Eris
  9. Space Travel in History, Fiction & Film, by Lloyd Mallan
  10. Fortress on a Skyhook, by Frank Tinsley
  11. Possibilities for an Invasion Base on the Moon, by Willy Ley
  12. A Case for the Flying Saucers, by Donald E. Keyhoe
  13. An Investigation of the Carolina Saucer, by John Duberry

Profusely illustrated with nearly 300 photos (B/W). Subjects include rocket development, space travel, life on other worlds, science fiction movies and flying saucers. Cover photo is from the movie When Worlds Collide (George Pal/Paramount Pictures).

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