An Unconventional Time

Undated photo of the jet-powered Northrop NS-97.

The post-war era. Dr. Von Braun. Missiles. The Space Race. Rocket technology. Willy Ley. Little green men. Cold War. Ex-German Science know-how. Colliers. Rocky Jones. White Sands. Flying Discs. It was an uncertain, unconventional time which called for equally unconventional means to gain the upperhand with the ulimate prize being the sole controlled access to space.

1/11 Update:
Look at IFO Picture Library Quoting from the source, "
Dick Stasinos designed this saucer, in 1950. He was an engineering graduate of the Northrop Aeronautical Institute. Stasinos’s disc had a revolving outer shell and held eight turbo-jet ports. The center of the disc stayed stationary, along with the cockpit for the pilot. Two main jets provided the push and the eight jets provided the spin."

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