Life on Other Worlds

Whether or not intelligent life may exist on other planets
of our system, chances are it does throughout the universe.

The drawings here are by Edd Cartier, originally from the book, "Travelers of Space" published by Gnome Press, New York, and reprinted in "The Mystery of Other Worlds Revealed," published by Fawcett, 1952.

"on some unknown planet revolving about a distant sun, conditions conceivably could develop a being part insect, part bird."

(left) weird conception of artist here suggests combination of fish, mammal.
(center) for this creature, artist used parts of octopus and carniverous plant.

(right) an enviroment unlike that of earth might condition insect animals.

despite all these weird creatures imagined by well known science fiction illustrator edd cartier, the probability that intelligent life on other planets would have developed in a matter similar to our own

(left) a planet like jupiter, with poison gases in atmosphere, might sustain life like this.
(right) silicon-cell insects on earth have been known to live indefinitely in kerosene.

"artist frank tinsley has this conception of life on jupiter: regardless of form, however, cell-content and structure develop from a limited set of favorable conditions.

from The Mystery of Other Worlds Revealed, 1952

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