Dimension X & X Minus One

Dimension X aired on NBC radio from 1950-51.

X Minus One
aired on NBC radio from 24 April 1955 until 9 January 1958 for a total of 124 episodes during its run.

X Minus One was an extension of Dimension X . The first fifteen scripts used for X Minus One were scripts used in the airing of Dimension X; however, it soon found its own little niche. The stories for the show came from two of the most popular science fiction magazines at the time; Astounding and Galaxy.

Dimension X was first heard on NBC April 8, 1950, and ran until September 29, 1951. This program was the first true series dedicated to the science fiction genre. Until the premiere of Dimension X -- a full two decades after network radio was established -- there were no major science fiction series of broad appeal to adults.

Special Thanks to OTRR and Internet Archive for offering these radio programs free for download to the public:

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